Think Different

Our Story

The World revolves around money and the future is fintech. As a developing Continent, Africa is the last to receive the attention and boom of the fintech fever. It is the most fertile ground for fintech because it has poor banking infrastructure and a huge number of under-services communities. And with over 60% of its population owning smartphones.

There is no one better to drive the fintech surge and bring the perfect fit for Africa's solution than those who have grown under such conditions. Those who have felt the punches of inadequacies of the system, economic parity and absence of resources and infrastructure. As builders by default, women are better positioned to take their rightful role as bearers of dreams and nurturers of growth.

WIPFIN therefore, by intent and design, is a Women owned FINTECH startup that currently operates from South Africa. We have plans to expand to the entire African Continent. The birth of WIPFIN is a direct result of the cries from Africa for a better financial ecosystem that is inclusive, interactive and scalable. WIPFIN provides more than that, we bring customisable solutions that talk to the masses.

We plan to bring innovation that will improve the lives of people in the most marginalized areas. Our flagship platform feature is an internationally patented 2D Transact payment gateway that promotes cardless and cashless ecosystem. It allows customers to transact globally and across all platforms without the need for a bank card. This feature allows us to pioneer the future of cardless payments in Africa.

Our Mission

"To be professional, efficient, ethical, innovative, quality-driven and resilient in our efforts to empower our women and strengthen Rural Economic Ecosystems."

Digital Wallet

Our flagship solution is a our digital wallet. Giving financial control in the hands of those unbanked. While keeping money circulating in the community.

Digital Stokvel

Stokvels have been at the heart of communities, pooling their contributions to save. Using technology we want to provide the means to access the formal financial services. Helping to create a more inclusive economy.

Global Markets

We want to create wealth by providing access to markets with high concentration of capital. Providing a platform to participate in the financial sector. With a platform for administration and governance.

Cashless Payments

Bringing secure payments with 2D Payments and other cashless transaction methods. 2D Payments are a convenient means to make payments. Growing a network of merchants and consumers.

Card Payments

We want to help individuals transact via debit and credit card. While card payments are common and standard, many still have no access to such facilities. Financial education is key to managing your card transactions.

Virtual Currency

Virtual Currencies have mainly been used for loyalty points and rewards. They are emerging as alternate forms of transactions in informal trade. They have a lot of untapped potential to help grow local economies in communities.